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Tech Novice is a team of life-long learners devoted to tech education, computer science, mathematics and all things nerdy!

Our apps are born out of a desire to apply sound computer science principles to real-world scenarios with practical (sometimes whimsical) outcomes.

We hope our creations will inspire you on technological and mathematical adventures!


"Wait a minute. You guys are novices?!"

Yeah, but we hope it doesn't show TOO much! Most of our experience has been in secondary education, attempting to get students reved up about math and tech stuff. Much of what you see here in TNA was developed in our classes to either teach important programming principles or to create tools to help us in our various nerdy endeavors.

Often a simple question posed from a student launches discussions that lead to an app design. Other times, watching students struggle with difficult concepts or laborious operations motivates us to develop tools, created by coding, that ease their burdens! Some of our apps were created to help us with classroom management and activities.

Our apps often begin their lives as Java applications or web page apps in JavaScript or PHP. You can see such web apps 'live and in person' at our sister site: TechNoviceTools. With the introduction of iPhone programming into our curriculum, we started migrating some of those apps to the native iPhone platform. Translating app designs from one language to Swift, iPhone's preferred development language, cemented understanding in BOTH languages.

So, we ARE novices in a few ways: Our talent is young and learning code, perhaps for the first time. We apply our craft to concepts and applications pertinent to high school mathematics and computer science. We have timelines that sync with the ebb and flow of a typical high school schedule.

Who we are...

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Second-year students in iPhone programming. Some have had technology all 4 years of their high school career.

2017-18 Senior Development Team

Formerly a rocket scientist, now an intrepid computer science teacher. Current assignments include Pre/AP Computer Science, web development and iPhone Programming

KP - El Queso Grande

First-year students in iPhone programming. Newbies. Have been mentored by the Senior Development Team

2017-18 Junior Development Team

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Regular expressions help you filter user input in online forms. They are very powerful but difficult to write! Create, test, store and share your regular expressions using ReX - the regular expressions watchdog!
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